Why Human Trafficking?

Several people have asked me recently why I have become so involved in the cause to educate people about human trafficking and the overwhelming need to shine a Light of hope into an incredibly dark and scary part of the world in which we live.

The answer is relatively simple:

I watched a PBS documentary called Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. I read the book. I met people right here in my hometown who were involved in rescuing people from trafficking. I heard and saw the stories of those caught in this nightmare of hopelessness, and I thought, “How can I not be involved? How can I not speak out?”

As a believer, I prayed God would send me like minded believers to work with. A friend began posting on Facebook about a group in India that was involved in raids and rescues of young girls from brothels in India. The same friend then introduced me to Brandi McElheny, the founder of She’s Worth It. One day, Brandi shared her “crazy idea” for the She’s Worth It Campaign with us on Facebook, and a group of us were crazy enough to believe God could work through a rag-tag group of men and women to change the world.

The video below is painful to watch (it is not associated with Half the Sky or She’s Worth It, but the info is accurate and powerful), but it’s reality, everyday, for the children who are being filmed by an undercover camera crew. Everyday, people around the world risk their lives to go into brothels to gather evidence like this so that raids and rescues can take place.

I would ask that you watch this and, painful as it is, let this reality become a part of your reality. We believe that Christ came to set captives free, that He commanded us to seek justice and to care for widows and orphans. If you watch this video and are not compelled to act, I would ask you to check your heart and your claim to both love and obey the One who purchased your freedom with His life. Watch and then act, with your prayers, with your time, and with your money. To donate, go here.

Sex Trafficking, the Super Bowl and She’s Worth It

Today marks the official start of the She’s Worth It! Campaignn, a grassroots effort to raise money for the rescue, recovery, and reintegration of women trapped in sex trafficking both here and around the world.

Our goal is to raise $280,000 this month to this end.

This weekend, there is a lot of information circulating about human trafficking because this weekend is the Super Bowl.

How are these two things connected? Because each year, thousands of women are trafficked to the cities where major sporting events are taking place. As I type, thousands of women are being trafficked to New Orleans for the johns who will be there for the game and the girls.

Not only is the She’s Worth It Campaign raising money for global organizations, we are also raising money to help an organization here in the States that helps connect women who are escaping sex trafficking to medical services.

I issued a challenge on Facebook earlier today, and I’ll issue it here as well.

If you plan to watch the Super Bowl this weekend– the game or the commercials– I challenge you to share this campaign with the people with whom you are watching the game. At halftime, share about human trafficking, tell people about the women in NOLA who will be suffering this weekend. Pray for both the women trapped in human trafficking and the men who are using them. Give the website to them to donate straight from their smartphones.

To educate yourself about the connection between the Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking, visit First Things for a quality article about the issue.

Check out www.prayforthejohns.org for ways to pray for the men using these women.

Go to www.ShesWorthItCampaign.com for information about the women who desperately need to be rescued and the organizations that are working to rescue them. You can also find information on how you can get involved.

Want to donate to the movement? Go to www.tinyurl.com/SWI-BM

Human trafficking is THE human rights issue of our day, and YOU can be involved in putting an end to it.

Currently 27 million people are enslaved worldwide, more than at any other time in history. Be a part of putting a stop to it in this generation.

God’s Grace in the Desert

Plenary Session One with Tim Keller

Here’s a sample:

God and Moses basically said to Israel, “Trust us.” And Israel trusted. Now, at Sinai, they are actually further away from the Promise Land than Egypt was.

He told them He was taking them to a land flowing with milk and honey. But He meets them in the desert. A place worse than where they were in Egypt.

It’s like this for us sometimes. We give Christ everything, our whole lives, and things get worse from there. It seems God is taking us away from where He says He’s going to take us.

This is so often the story of grace in our own lives as well.

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