Beauty for Ashes Uganda

Beauty For Ashes Uganda believes that even among ashes, our God desires to bring great beauty. We want to be people who bring HOPE to the most hurting. In this case, we focus on the single mothers of Uganda, specifically the Teso Region for now. We believe that these women are strong, brave, smart and beautiful. We desire to bestow honor and dignity on the women in our program. We want to help them heal from the chains of injustice in their lives, whether it be chains of poverty or chains of emotional wounds. We believe that this happens in community amongst their fellow sisters. We believe that the Lord is providing a unique opportunity for others across the world to partner with these beautiful women to bestow honor and hope, to let them know that we believe in their healing and in their beauty.

This is the beginning statement of one of the most beautiful ministries I have ever been a apart of. God is moving, and to the human eye, it appears work is being done almost by accident. But He is lighting a fire that is spreading across the US and is impacting Uganda for eternity.

There are many ways that you can partner to make a difference in the lives of single mothers in the Teso region of Uganda. We’re starting with mosquito nets ($8 each, with two for each of the thirty mamas in our group is $480) and seeing where the Lord takes us.

I have committed to serve as the Advocate for Group Eight of “Uganda Mamas” and would love your assistance in helping us raise support to care for these women.

Click HERE to make a donation via PayPal.

100% of all donations goes directly to the projects. There are ZERO administrative or salary fees. All admin needs are raised separately. The only money that doesn’t reach the field would be the 2-3% that paypal takes!

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