Bekah Mason

God has blessed this broken vessel with the opportunity to serve Him not only in spite of my past failures but through those failures for His glory. You can read more about my journey from “useless” to “useful” in my testimony and through the posts on this blog.

It is my passion to share with women of all ages the hope I have found through living a life rooted in the Word of God. My life was transformed when I began to understand that Christianity is not a religion with a bunch of “To-Don’t” Lists. God desires to be intimately involved in every facet of our lives, not just our church attendance on Sunday mornings. There is so much out there in the world today screaming at women who we are to be and what we are to do that we often miss the still, small voice of the One who created us. It is my desire to teach other women what how to dig into God’s message to His children so that we can each individually learn who He created us to be.

I use this blog as a chance to keep up with friends and family spread across the world, to share deep thoughts from other people, and to work out some of my own observations about the world around us. I have discovered that writing helps me process my thoughts and keeps me thinking. Hopefully you will find some things here that will get you thinking about the important things in life.

I have a passion to challenge people to view their Christianity not as a portion of their lives, but as the lens through which they should view all aspects of their lives. Our stances on politics, education, culture, family, work, recreation, etc., should all be considered in light of what we believe about Scripture and what that Scripture tells us about the world around us.

I love to speak and write concerning current events and timeless topics related to women’s issues. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry and how I might be able to serve your church, school or other ministry, please e-mail me at


7 thoughts on “Bekah Mason

  1. I came upon your blog on anger in the church. I won’t say by accident because I don’t believe in them. It touched me deeply. God works in mysterious ways doesn’t he? I never realized that the very church I felt led to may be the mission field in itself. I guess I always considered the people in church with me Christians. This definitely gives me a lot to think about. Thank you. God Bless.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouraging comment! the idea that our churches are a mission field is challenging and convicting. It should remind us that we are to be salt and light no matter where we are. There’s no time off when we are Christ’s ambassadors.

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  4. Hi, Bekah, oh, what a wonderful introduction I have just experienced reading about the Boundless Treasures Ministry. I thank God for using you in such a powerful way. This ministry is you up one side and down the other. I generally do not have the time to go on Facebook at home and it’s blocked here at work. So I just wanted to tell you that I will be lifting you up and thanking the Lord for the wonderful way he has molded your life! Much love, sister! J

  5. This was an amazing devotion. My Pastor just preached on Ps. 22 this past Sunday. Love the depth of this devotion. Thank you for being used of the Lord through this gift of writing and communicating His truth through that gift.

  6. I found you through I like this “About Bekah” section, esp this sentence “I have a passion to challenge people to view their Christianity not as a portion of their lives, but as the lens through which they should view all aspects of their lives.” Exactly! Amen 🙂
    I will be bookmarking you! 🙂

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