She’s Worth It!

ImageFor those of you who follow Boundless Treasures on Facebook, you’ve been seeing this logo for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was time I shared with the blogosphere exactly what it’s all about and ask for your help as well.

I am a TREASURE HUNTER! I believe that the precious girls across the world who are trapped in sex trafficking are WORTH so very much. I also believe that we can tell her that She’s Worth It by using our voices and our money to make a difference.

I am looking for 100 friends willing to ask 10 friends to donate $10. Will you be a part of our effort to communicate to each of these girls that “She’s Worth It” by donating today?

You can have an even greater impact by being a Friend who is willing to educate your friends about human trafficking and ask ten friends to give. The link you can use to directly donate online is:

To help us spread the word, you can simply make it your Facebook status, Tweet it, or email it to friends with the links on the page.

Check out for more information about our mission, the organizations we are assisting, and other ways you can be involved.

Our main date for “contribution collection” is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. For many of these women, that’s the worst day of their year. Our hope is that, when they are rescued, they can be told that the money used to rescue them was given on Valentine’s Day, making their worst day their best day– their day of freedom.

NOTE: I am “treasure hunting” to fund rescue missions and a safe house in Thailand through an organization called The Exodus Road (

100% of what is raised will go towards this project! The cost for using Razoo/Credit Cards is 2.9%; if you’d like to add that to your gift, it would be much appreciated and help us reach our goal!

We would love to have your help in this “global grassroots” movement!

There are currently approximately 27 million people worldwide who are suffering in slavery. Ending modern slavery in this generation is possible, but only through the involvement of individuals like us who are willing to get involved in any way possible.

Please email me with questions, for more information, or your commitment to get involved in any way you can!