Black Friday: Go Forth And Shop

For those ranting about the idolatry and consumerism of Black Friday, I have two things to say.

First, remember that lost people are gonna act lost, so don’t be surprised when they freak out, fight over toys, break in line and cuss you out. That’s what lost people do. If that shocks you, you need to hang out with more lost people.

Second, Christians can be Light, even when shopping. Some of my favorite family memories surround Black Friday. It was a rite of passage for the girls in our family to finally be old enough to go shopping with the “women folk” that day, and I loved spending time with my mom, aunt, and grandmother, shopping and people watching.

Christian shoppers, go, stand in line.
Be pleasant.
Be a good steward of the money God’s given you by getting some GREAT DEALS.
Buy some toys and clothes for some needy kids while you’re at it.
Be ok with it if you miss out on the doorbuster.
Be kind to the people who are working at 2:30 am and getting cussed out in the process.
If you do see a Christian acting a fool and letting their idolatry of “stuff” hang out for the world to see, then rebuke them in love.
But maybe after you’ve both had some sleep.

And get a grip, 21st C. Pharisees. God knows the heart; don’t assume idolatrous consumerism of all participants. It offends me and I have no intention of even shopping. It offends God because you presume to know the hearts of men, and that’s God’s job.

Happy Black Friday!

2 thoughts on “Black Friday: Go Forth And Shop

  1. Good thoughts :). Sometimes it is easier to label a whole activity bad than to redeem it and find what can be good about it. I find that w/ TV, it’s easier for me to just not watch TV than find the good things to watch, so that’s what I do, but sometimes I judge other believers just for watching TV…without knowing what they watch, if they watch in moderation, etc. Hello, Pharisee!

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