Meet Achile

Compassion International does amazing work for children all across the globe. Whether it is meeting basic life needs like food and shelter or providing life improving miracles like stable family situations and education, Compassion is involved on the ground every day.

We can look at the big picture of pain and poverty and suffering across the world and become hopelessly overwhelmed with the enormity of the namless, faceless task at hand. Or we can peer down into the mass of supposed hopelessness and pluck one up and make a difference. We could each do that in the life of one child by signing up to sponsor a child in desperate need of assistance. This is just one way that, as believers, we can fulfill God’s command to care for the orphans.

Another way is to help with one time, immediate need events in the lives of others. Achile is a young boy living in Burkina Faso who needs such help. Achile has been receiving treatment for a congenital heart defect in Burkina Faso, but doctors have determined that he requires a life saving operation that cannot be performed there. Compassion is working to raise the $20,449 needed to take Achile to a specialized hospital in India for the operation to be performed.

Would you please consider donating to this cause? The collective good of all of us donating what we are able is multiplied exponentially; everyone doing what they can really can change the world. It will change Achile’s world. For more information, please visit the Compassion International website, here.

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