Single Sexuality?

In today’s culture, sexuality is synonymous with sexual activity. The world teaches that we are sexual beings and should therefore act on any sexual desire we have. Scripture teaches that there is a difference between sexuality and sexual activity.

So if, as Christian singles, we choose to obey Christ and abstain from sexual activity, how do we express our God-given sexuality in God-glorifying ways? Some answers to that question can be found in this article by Ellen Dykas, the Women’s Ministry Coordinator for Harvest USA.

3 thoughts on “Single Sexuality?

  1. “The world teaches that we are sexual beings and should therefore act on any sexual desire we have.”

    Your statement is a sweeping generalization. It is NOT taught by the world (whatever that means). There are non-christian people who have superior sexual morals to many Christians.

    • Harry,

      Thank you for your comments. You are right on both accounts.

      First, the statement is a generalization. In referring to the “world”, I am implying secular culture– entertainment in the form of mass media. Any sort of celebration of sexual morality is the very rare exception and not the norm on television and the internet, in movies and printed materials. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but in general, American pop culture glorifies a hedonistic idea of sexuality: If it feels good, it is good.

      Second, you are absolutely right that there are non-Christian people with superior sexual morals when compared to many Christians. This is to the shame of the church. Thus my reason for posting this article. Many people, Chrisian and non-Christian alike, learn their sexual morality from culture rather than their religious affiliation of choice. By sharing such information, I hope to enlighten so-called Christians into seeing that their actions do not match their words.

      Thanks again for reading. I hope that clarifies my intention in this post.

  2. Why don’t you just enjoy what you’ve got. Want to have sex? Have sex. It doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s really sad to see the number of people who still “check in” with Jesus before they have a little fun. Grow up, grow free. You don’t need Jesus to have morals or live a respectable lifestyle.

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