Guilty Christian Complex

There is a distinct characteristic often present in the lives of women who genuinely seek to perform well for their Savior– guilt. Women are created to help and to serve, to perform well for those who love us and who we love. When we feel we aren’t meeting the impossibly high standards we impose on ourselves, we walk around with our heads lowered in self-condemning guilt.

There is a distinct difference between godly, Spirit-driven conviction for unconfessed sin and the condemning shame of guilt imposed by the enemy. When we are down or feel separated from God because there is unconfessed sin our lives, there is but one cause (a choice to abandon God’s way and go our own) and one solution (repentance). Many women are plagued for years by sin they have confessed. I have heard many women say, “I know God forgives me, but I could never forgive myself.” Within this very statement we see pride– is it really possible that we believe the God of the universe has a lower standard for the forgiveness of sin than we do?

In his post, “Are Christians Meant to Feel Guilty all the Time?”, Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung addresses the question of Christians and guilt and offers ideas for why Christians often carry a guilt complex and what can be done to break free of such a stronghold.

If you struggle with guilt concerning past sin and seek the freedom that only the Gospel provides, I strongly encourage you to read this post.

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