Why We Believe Children Who Die Go To Heaven

This morning, we did not have the “typical” Mother’s Day sermon. Our pastor is in the middle of a series on Heaven, and he kept to the theme of the series and preached to a group usually ignored on Mother’s Day. He addressed those who have lost their mothers, and he addressed those mothers who have lost children.

The sermon touched on an issue concerning heaven that is painfully near to many women in our congregation: what happens to to infants and children who die? We were comforted by the words of Scripture concerning this question, and I wanted to share with you all a very brief article that addresses the passages discussed this morning. This is a good, simple article that will hopefully be a good resource for you to be able to share with families who may be experiencing the painful loss of a child through miscarriage or early death.

To read this article by Dr. Al Mohler and Dr. Danny Akin, please go here.

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