“There aren’t any unbroken people.”

Great article by Scott Davis on the Exodus International Blog:

“My generation, and those coming after us, are sexually broken. Not just pedophiles and rapists. Not just gays and lesbians. All of us. Our culture is hyper-sexualized: why aren’t we speaking about it at least as frankly on Sunday mornings as they do on network television during “family hours?” Our church members are broken sexually in every way imaginable: can we give them the grace to bring their brokenness out into the light without condemnation?”

Read more here.

One thought on ““There aren’t any unbroken people.”

  1. Hey! I read this and commented as well. I have my share of disagreements with with the good folks at Exodus, but that was an awesome article. It’s good to see you blogging again! We should catch up soon!

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