A New and Living Way, Part 4

This passage was included in Scripture to confirm how we can know we are children of God and to show us that being children of God comes with certain rights and responsibilities. Today maybe you have realized that you are not a child of God. You have read these posts and you know that if you wanted to, you could not confidently approach God with a pure and sincere heart. If that is you, I encourage you to find out today how you can be confident in your relationship with Christ and your adoption as a child of God.
Maybe you have confidence in your position in Christ, but you have not accepted the responsibility of helping your brothers and sisters in Christ by meeting with them consistently and encouraging them in their walks with Christ.

Just like my parents told us that the watching world would see our actions and would judge our family based on the choices we made and the lives we lived, a lost and dying world is looking at us to see how well we represent the family of God. Would the people around you know you are a member of God’s family? Does your life reflect the fact that you have been adopted by the God of the universe? Are you living like a daughter of the king?

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