City of Angels

So good ol’ Darc-face finally made me watch the movie “City of Angels” tonight. I’ve never seen it, because back a million years ago when it first came out, my silly little brother told me how it ended and I thought it was a ridiculous way to end a movie. I refused to watch it for the principle of the matter– love stories end “And they lived happily ever after,” otherwise, they are too much like real life. I have enough real life everyday without getting it in my movies, too. That and the “angel gives up eternity for a girl that dies the next day” was just pitiful irony to me.

Anyway, so I’m going into this knowing where it’s going that thinking in my haughty, judgmental mind, “Why would any angel in his right mind give up the glories of heaven and eternity for the fleeting, human pleasures of this temporal life?” But then my very next thought was, “I bypass the glory of an almighty God everyday for the fleeting, human pleasures of this temporal world.”

Suddenly, it wasn’t pitiful irony any more. It really was real life, my real life. And it convicted me like few things have in a long time.

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